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Our secret weapon is in the big data. Our fully integrated Marketing and Analytic Platform not only performs WeChat content marketing and customer support but turns data into meaningful insights to power personalized interaction in the right context, whether through push, reply, html5 pages or remarketing campaigns .
Data Tracking

WeChat QR Code Tracking
360° User Behavior in WeChat
WeChat User Behavior in Web Pages

User Insight

Real-time Analytics
Segmentation/Funnel/Retention Analytics
Predictive Segmentation

Personalized Marketing

User Tag Automation
Personalized WeChat Content
Multi-Channel Engagement

Customer Support

100+ Representatives
Support PC and Mobile Devices.
Business Insights Beyond Support


Advanced Personal Financial Company in China


A Leader in Tyre Tech


Luxury fashion industry strategic transformation


A Leader in High-end Kitchware

Parllay is one of BlueMP's most popular marketing management tools and there are more than 2,600 users already. Among them we have both start-up companies and large enterprise marketing specialists. It is a product with imagination which not only release the aggregation force of WeChat but also increase company marketing efficiency. It is inspiring for companies who are interested in digging user marketing value.

Luo MinBlueMp (A BlueFocus Group Member) · CEO

We have been cooperating with Parllay continuously for one year, and they have provided tech support for our multiple socialized marketing projects. Thanks to the powerful content think tank, automation, API data port and client data management of Parllay, we are able to use WeChat to provide content marketing, online customer service, Social CRM and many more full directional socialized marketing services to our clients.

WaynePrecentage · CEO

In our previous two years of cooperation Parllay has devoted in providing high efficient and accurate marketing solution for us and helped us expanding in the new media marketing area. In the meantime, Parllay always quick on responding our feedbacks and it is why Parllay is an excellent business partner!

Hua XueEdu24ol · Operation Manager

Parllay Wechat CRM tracks every WeChat turnover which has allowed 51Credit to evaluate each penny of our budget. Not matter user cost, activity cost or final online turnover rate Parllay has made evaluation possible.

Gao Tian Yu51Credit · Marketing Operation Director

It (Parllay Wechat CRM) is not only a product with deep understanding of WeChat Data but also a product assisting clients to better evaluate WeChat marketing ROI!

Chen Jun LiangTencent Guang Dian Tong · Senior Product Manager

Parllay Wechat CRM is an unique product. The value of 1-to-1 marketing is providing personalized service which is what brands need for a refined WeChat operation.

Fan YiSocial ONE · CEO

It is the era of Mobile and Social.

Companies need to “Acquire” efficiently,

“Engage”, “Grow” and “Retain” high value users.

We believe that great data is necessary for great engagement. Only Parllay brings together data tracking, user insights, personalized marketing and customer support to power great engagement across WeChat Official Account User lifecycle.

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