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As a personalized marketing platform, Parllay aims to create a personalized experience for your WeChat followers. With Parllay, you can automatically identify sales opportunities among followers, continue to accurately nurture customers with different lifecycle stages, shorten the conversion time and increase the conversion rate from followers to customers.

What can we do for you?

WeChat CRM

Parllay-WeChat CRM helps companies manage WeChat Official Accounts, identify customers among WeChat followers, increase purchase conversion rates through personalized engagement, optimize marketing decisions with in-depth data analysis, and integrate HubSpot CRM to achieve a "follower-lead-customer" one stop management.

Marketing Automation

Parllay and HubSpot's omni-channel marketing automation allows your potential customers to proactively discover the purchase path, thereby completing more transactions more easily. With Parllay WeChat marketing automation tools and HubSpot workflow, you can use the behavioral data of each potential customer to complete the personalized emails, website content, and WeChat post to achieve large-scale growth.

HubSpot Agency Service

You can consult and purchase HubSpot software and inbound marketing consulting services from Parllay. As HubSpot Verified Agency Partner in China, Parllay provides a series of unique services to boost business growth in China. For 7 years, our solution has been verified by customers from several different industries around the world to effectively increase business growth.

Understand your customers and engage with them
at the right time,in the right way

1. Understand your followers
Parllay-WeChat CRM can help you really understand your followers and customers. Whether your important customer data comes from WeChat, web pages, mini apps, CRM or other platforms, you can get accurate customer activities in real time through Parllay WeChat CRM, understand what your customers want, and why they leave.
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2. Discover trends with data
Use Parllay-WeChat CRM to define the key indicators of WeChat marketing, and pay attention to their changes over time. Maybe you want to see how your customers are growing weekly, or which menu or webpage they engage with on the account, to determine the most important factors for your business growth.
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3. Optimize customer experience
You can use Parllay-WeChat CRM to re-optimize the customer's experience on WeChat Official Account, webpages, and mini apps, and increase the conversion rate.
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4. Automate customer journey
Use the powerful marketing automation tools of Parllay-WeChat CRM to promote business growth, focus on potential customers who are most likely to convert and old customers who will re-purchase, and spend less time on repetitive tasks.
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5. Give customers what they like
Leverage the precision marketing capabilities of Parllay-WeChat CRM to accurately send different messages for WeChat followers, and display related content on the website, combining A / B testing and funnel analysis to continuously improve the conversion rate of marketing activities.
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“Considering the customer management and automation capabilities of Parllay, we have in-depth cooperation with Parllay in many digital marketing projects. The customer profile of Parllay not only includes the engagement of Wechat Official Account users, but also realizes the unified management of mini programs, web page behavior and real contact information of customers. Without increasing team’s workload, personalized engagement between brand and users is achieved.”
Sunny Huang

Deeply Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and Top Marketing Agencies










Omni-channel Marketing Automation

With Parllay and HubSpot marketing automation, you can personalize marketing activities such as WeChat, email, and website, and automatically match the best content according to customer properties and interests, thereby improving customer conversion and repurchase rates.

Choose the right MA tool

Today, most businesses are using some form of marketing automation. According to a 2019 Forrester report, 55% of marketing decision makers plan to increase investment in marketing technology, and one in five respondents expects to invest more than 10% or more. These data suggest that if you don’t use marketing automation software in 2020, you may want to reconsider (you and your competitors will be enlarged due to technology). Although marketing automation software is necessary, it is a complex space full of different software solutions with various functions and usage scenarios. We recommend using HubSpot omni-channel marketing automation platform. HubSpot is ranked #1 in Marketing Automation by G2 Crowd, and #1 by Gartner. It is a global leader in marketing automation. More importantly, HubSpot is more cost-effective than other software.

Parllay+HubSpot MA core capacities


By the Numbers

The unique wechat integration partner of HubSpot
Global partner
2.1 x
increase conversion
5 x
Increase reading rate
WeChat Post
10 M
users engagement
Parllay Platform

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Since 2014, Parllay has served 40 + top customers worldwide. The service industry covers more than 10 areas, such as e-commerce, retail, automobile, education, aviation, software, hardware, finance, non-profit organizations and B2B, to meet the needs of enterprise Wechat CRM, SCRM and marketing automation.

Our software technology is recognized by Microsoft, Invida, HubSpot and Jingdong, and has established partnerships with many software companies.

Our product and solutions are trusted by WPP, IPG and Hakuhodo, as well as two leading digital marketing agencies from the UK and Australia, and become the only recommended or designated Wechat marketing platform for its companies. In 2018, it will become a strategic partner of Shandong Mass Media Group.

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